Göttingen compact, at a glance

We would like to give our prospective hotel guests a brief introduction to our historic university city of Göttingen ... a city with many faces. To excite your curiosity, we have compiled a brief city portrait for you – naturally without any attempt at being comprehensive.

In Southern Lower Saxony

Göttingen is located in the middle of Germany – only a few kilometres from the exact geographic centre of the republic. The ‘Alps-Baltic German Holiday Route’, the ‘Harz-Heath Route’ and the ‘German Fairytale Route’ all pass through this Southern Lower Saxonian ‘metropolis’, which has approximately 125,000 inhabitants and a area of 116 square kilometres.

City that creates knowledge

Göttingen has been an internationally recognized university city for generations. The famous Georg August University was founded in 1734 and has approximately 25,000 students today. To date, the Georgia Augusta has produced 44 Nobel Prize winners.

Knowledge transfer and innovation

The economy of the city and the entire region of Southern Lower Saxony also profit from their proximity to the University of Göttingen. As the regional centre of Southern Lower Saxony, Göttingen, alongside Brunswick and Hanover, is one of the most important business centres of Lower Saxony. The knowledge transfer between business and university research induces valuable synergy effects, which make Göttingen one of the most important locations in northern and middle Germany with regard to research-related innovations. A number of institutions, e.g. the so-called ‘Measurement Valley’, are the result of this close symbiosis between business and science.

Culture and lifestyle

Göttingen’s old city combines reminiscences of the medieval mercantile city with the charm of a modern university city. The ‘Gänselisel’ (Goose Girl) fountain, world-famous landmark of our city, is just a few hundred meters away from the hotel and next to the ‘Altes Rathaus’ (Old City Hall), which was built in Göttingen's first period of prosperity (13th to 14th century).
In the pedestrian zone, you will become easily acquainted with the many small shops, student-oriented bistros, nice ‘pubs/bars’ and excellent restaurants. To round out your evening, we recommend the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra or one of Göttingen's three theatres: the venerable Deutsche Theater, the Junges Theater, which is known for its modern productions, or the Theater in Operationssaal (operating theatre / ThOP), known for its experimental student’s productions. Or are you more interested in music, cabaret, or something similar?
Feel free to ask us – we would be glad to help you.